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Notice Board

We are a small walking club based around the English town of Kendal in Cumbria, but have a membership from a broader area. We cater for walkers who want to walk in the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks and surrounding areas. We are a local club run by and for members therefore unfortunately we do not cater for visitors holidaying in the Lake District.

As our walking parties are relatively small, average of about 10-20 people, we do not have a formal transport arrangement. Members meet at the Cumbria Wildlife Trust car park (off Plumgarths roundabout) or at the walk's start point. Detailed instructions of the meeting point can be found in the Joining & Info section of the website or click here.

Our walks are somewhat more demanding than some other walking clubs, so care has to be taken when appreciating the experience level demanded by one of our walks. The walks would not normally be undertaken by someone unfamiliar with walking in mountains. Each walk has a grade that loosely identifies its level of difficulty. These are –

A - A brisk pace; between 14 and 20 miles, but occasionally greater. The total ascent may be over 5,000 feet.

B - A steady pace; usually between 10 and 14 miles. The total ascent is typically between 3,500 feet and 4,500 feet.

C - A moderate pace; usually less than 10 miles. The total ascent is typically up to 3,500 feet.

{**} - Indicates a walk that includes some activity which is outside the remit of normal walking

(Grade 2 scrambles, icy ridges, snow gullies, swimming etc.).

Please Note 

If interested in joining one of our walks please speak to our membership secretary prior to the walk. Further information for new members can be found on the Joining & Info section of the website or click here.